Up Close exhibition

A series of five vintage prints which were shown at Heidi Museum as part of Up Close exhibition. 
The images are 40 x 27 cm but are mounted of a (large) 87 x 63cm mount. Silver gelatin vintage prints.  ($2400 each)
1 Danny and Chris' Whale Beach Party.
2 Grant
3 One Woman's Meat
4 The Night He Died
5 Tully Mardi Gras 81.
A large framed print, about 110cm x 90cm which got an honourable mention in Bowness Photographic Competition in 2012. Ink jet print. $4950.
6 Imagining Carravaggio.

A strangely mounted print designed to imitate a frame, Image size 40 x 32cm, Mount size 62 x 52 cm. Silver Gelatin vintage print. $2400.
7 Fairy Tale

Three framed prints from my hand series. Image size 40 x 27cm. Framed size about 52 x 40cm. Ink jet print. $1650.
8 Marcus #2
9 seed
10 Somebody Loves me

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