Bob Millis

This exhibition is an ongoing love affair with Alice. Every year for the last five years I have gone to Central Australia. Initially the silence and space was overpowering. You have to learn to walk quietly with respect in this land. Beyond the silence you hear the sounds of a timeless existence. The sound of of a mothers womb, because this land has given birth to Aboriginal people for thousands of years. You can see and hear the children of history playing in creek beds and on the rocks if you transcend your perceptional boundaries. I feel strangely at home and at peace when I walk through the canyons and sand hills of this beautiful place. If this work is about anything it is about just that. They are not pictures of places, they are tracks in the sand. They record in visual music my being in this place. My peckings on the rock face of existence.

A Luritja elder told me last trip that if I went outside my tent at night the water snake spirit would grab me and take me far way that way Alice.

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